What is The Class of 2020?

The Class of 2020 is a digital platform allowing students to create a unique class photo with their webcam, together with all their classmates. It's a tangible memory of a very special school year.

Who are the initiators?

Paul Bakker and Jeroen de Korte - both dads and founders of creative agency And Now This.

Why has The Class of 2020 been developed?

2020 is a special school year. Students have spent many months at home and interactions between class mates mostly happened digitally. This was a completely new experience for everyone. 2020 is a year that will go down in the history books.

With The Class of 2020 we want to give students the opportunity to create a tangible memory of a very special year.

How it works:

Step 1: The initiator, e.g. a teacher or parent, creates a virtual classroom. He or she sends out invitations to the students via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Step 2: Each student receives a unique link giving access to a secure webcam web page.

Step 3: The students all take a photo with their webcam or mobile device. This photo will then be added to the class photo.

Step 4: When all pictures are taken the students receive a link to order the class photo. The picture will be delivered to their home address.


The price of the class photo package is €12,50 with free shipping for The Netherlands and Belgium. The package includes one class photo and one enlarged portrait photo.


Any number between 2 and 42 students can participate. 42 is the max amount of students.

Can I receive a digital version of the photo?

No. The photos will only be printed, just like an old fashioned class photo. On your screen you can see what the picture will look like, but you can not use it online, due to privacy reasons.

Who will pay?

The Class of 2020 works exactly like an old fashioned class photo. The parents or guardians will receive a payment link via e-mail. They will pay the class photos, not the schools.


The initiator of the class photo will send out payment links when everyone has taken their picture. After placing the order delivery time is 3 business days in The Netherlands and Belgium. Delivery time for international orders is 5 - 11 business days.}

Size and quality

The size of the photos is 21 x 14 cm. The photos will be printed on premium quality photo paper (300 grams). It is not possible to order the photos in a different size.}

Contact us

E-mail: deklasvan2020@groupsie.co
Instagram: @deklasvan2020
Facebook: De Klas van 2020